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Keeping you at the top of your game to decrease pain, decrease risk of injury & enhance your performance.

Athletes & Weekend Warriors: Services
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Dr. Krysten Jacobs and Dr. Matthew Jacobs earned their degrees in Exercise Science & Kinesiology. Both Doctors are familiar with the athlete mindset, sports psychology, and understand how to treat this special population being lifelong athletes themselves.
In Canada, Dr. Krysten Jacobs played competitive soccer for 10+ years as a striker and winger at the Regional and Provincial (equivalent to State) levels. She suffered a low back injury while playing and CHIROPRACTIC helped get her back on the field. She also suffered a knee injury and CHIROPRACTIC helped heal her back to kicking form! Dr. Krysten Jacobs also competed in water polo for 7 years and played for the University of Ottawa water polo team in college. She has been a competitive runner for 15+ years. She ran in the OFSAA Cross Country Championships in grade 11 & 12 (the equivalent to State Championships in the USA). She was also a personal trainer for 8 years before becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic.
Dr. Matthew Jacobs played competitive football as an outside linebacker & quarterback for 8 years. He suffered a neck injury while playing and CHIROPRACTIC was a key component to get Dr. Matthew back in the game! He is also a lacrosse athlete, having played attack, midfield & LSM at a competitive level for 10+ years, and competed in the American Lacrosse League, Gray Conference, North Division in Maryland. He also trained in jujitsu for 12 months while completing his Doctorate in upstate NY.

We provide treatment for all ages (youth to masters) and activity levels (little league to professional). Athletes of all levels have successfully trusted and used chiropractic care to enhance their performance and to manage their aches & pains from sport.

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